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Moso Island is an island off the northwest coast of Efate in Vanuatu, in Shefa Province. It is separated from Efate by Namoso Passage, which is 200 meters wide at its narrowest point. Along with Lelepa, it creates the harbour at north Efate known as Port Havannah. This harbour was a focal point during World War II, with many troops stationed there, including posts on Moso itself and from what we hear from the locals a bar right where The Moso Bistro & Bar is built! Today, small tokens of the soldiers' presence can still be seen on Moso. Seven villages were originally scattered throughout Moso Island until missionaries facilitated their formation into one coastal village, Sunae. This community was divided in two in the early 1990s and some people split from Sunae, forming Tassiriki village on central Moso.


Joel Slattery and Antoun Jabbour, started visiting Vanuatu from Sydney and immediately fell in love. So much so, that they knew that had to live here. When they discovered Moso Island back in 2014, they knew they had found the place.

After selling up back in Sydney, they moved to Moso full-time and building commenced at the beginning of 2016. With an extensive background in hospitality, their dreamed changed, both realising that what they had discovered was too incredible not to share  – The Moso Vanuatu was born.


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